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articulo Ejemplo de writting TOEFL

el Dom Sep 11, 2016 11:18 pm
Hola me dejaron una tarea en mi curso de ingles sobre un writting tipo TOEFL, espero no tenga muchos errores, lo dejo aquí por si más adelante con más conocimiento pueda ver mis errores y corregirlo X:

TOPIC: "Not everything that is learnt is contained in book"
People acquire knowledge in every moment of their life. Books and our own experiences are the main resources to get theoretical and practical knowledge. But, which gives us a better learning? Let’s see:
Firstly, buying books is very easy and cheap, there are everywhere. That is the main advantage for use as a learning method. Furthermore, they provide information based on research or experience of their authors as guide to learning about a specific topic with different opinions and views that people should compare and process for better understanding. However, is important considerer that the theory learned over time can be forgotten if it is not accompanied by practice.
Secondly, our experiences are a set of skills and abilities that help us to deepen our knowledge. Nowadays, it is an important tool to be competitive in society, specifically in the professional field. For instance, when I started to work in an electrical company my first task was to develop a technical file. Despite having read a lot of books I made many mistakes because the information I learned was not complete. Fortunately my boss gave me training and I could improve quickly.
As to the last point, most people could be agree. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same ability to learn at the same level. Each person is different and sometimes it is easy for you but frustrating to others and give up their objective early. Hence, the degree of learning achieved depends on how be persistent to get it, look for all the theoretical resources and put them into practice.
In conclusion, though knowledge through books is important and necessary to develop activities in daily life is not enough and needs of practical knowledge for better results. To write a good book should be excellent and innovate, all this is achieved with practice.
Don´t forget it!

Eso es todo. Si tienen alguna sugerencia o corrección pueden hacermela  Embarassed
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